Steam Greenlight

A week has passed since the start of our Kickstarter campaign! We are more than grateful to everyone who has supported us till now, and we are proudly announcing the launch of our game on Steam Greenlight: ! Please vote Yes! You can help “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll” become a reality: !

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Support us on Kickstarter!

Dear friends!

The day we have waited for so long has finally come. We are announcing the start of our Kickstarter campaign! And also, perhaps even more importantly than that, today we are releasing the demo version of “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll”! With it, you will be able to see and judge the work we have done in the past year. We really hope that the game will live to your expectations and that you will find be able to help us – not necessarily financially, but with a kind word as well! We will greatly appreciate any feedback – please leave it in the comments below or send them to our email!

Link to our Kickstarter campaign

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Kick start it!


Every gaming project goes a long way from the idea to the finished product. For indie teams, this way is sometimes longer and harder than it is for big companies. And at some point, the time comes to tell the world about yourself! To do so, many use a popular service known as Kickstarter. Today we, too, are proud to announce our own Kickstarter campaign that will begin in September 2016!

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And yet another post

Good day, dear readers!

Spring weather has finally blessed us with its appearance, and with it has come the time for out new blog post!

For starters, about the general situation on our front: the music is being written, the art is being drawn, the code is making amazing progress. The first alpha of the game has been built, tested, and the results were very much positive. By our estimations, at the beginning-to-middle of this summer, we should be able to present to you a full-fledged demo-version containing the first two or three game days.

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Rock for your soul


Some people have been reproaching us for the lack of rock’n’roll in the promo video from the previous blog post. “How come?!” they would exclaim. “It is in the title, but there is actually none inside!” We hasten to calm the skeptics – there is rock’n’roll in “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll”, plenty of it. And, confirming this, we are happy to show you one of the tracks from the future game (with vocals)!


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