October | 2021 | Soviet Games

Ramen and dessert

Hello, dear friends! Unfortunately, the new Coronavirus wave has tightly gripped our country, so first and foremost we’d like to ask you to take care of yourself and your close ones!

In the recent posts we promised to bring you good news this Autumn, and Autumn is not yet over! In all seriousness though, we’re all still working tirelessly to bring Love Money Rock’n’Roll to completion at the earliest possible date. However, there’s little chance we’ll be able to do so in 2021. Naturally, we have some internal approximate milestones, but we want to finish the game as soon as possible without sacrificing its quality, so we think it’ll only be right to announce the exact date when we’re absolutely sure of it ourselves. But we promise that before the end of Autumn, we will tell you the release date we’ll stick to for sure!

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