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Last time, we promised you more “concrete” news, numbers, and perhaps even some dates. Well then, here we deliver: the release date of “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll” is set for the 1st of March 2019. Please let us explain the reasons for this decision.

Unfortunately, “man proposes and fate disposes”… It so happened that several members of the project have encountered problems in their life paths and were unable to pay enough time to the development. The problems were especially severe in the case of our main scriptwriter, which is why the text is lagging behind other parts of the development by almost a year. Please don’t worry, everything is fine now, everyone is alive and well (which is most important), and we have gotten to work with new strength and vigor! In anticipation of our more scrupulous reader’s questions: no, we wouldn’t be able to solve the problem with outsourcing, this isn’t about money at all.

To clarify: the 1st of March is the very latest possible release date which we are setting as the furthest deadline. It is very much possible we will be able to finish the game earlier. Additionally, from now on, we’ll try to give you actual progress in numbers. Since the last time, the August of 2017, the text hasn’t progressed much due to the aforementioned reason and remains at more or less 40%. We will note, however, that 40 % still translates to about 150k words, and the final script will most likely exceed 300k. Not too bad for a single writer.

Additionally, now more than ever we need your support! You can help us here.
And we are officially looking to cooperate with investors. Please contact us through email: [email protected]

Thank you for waiting and believing in us!