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Cold Winter Mood

Hello dear friends! January was very intense month for us, which didn’t bring a lot of positive things or great accomplishments. Unfortunately, new demo version brought up a decent amount of new bags, reported by some users. It’s obvious that we don’t have hundreds of test PCs, so this bugs simply did not occurred to us during testing. And furthermore the main bag caused not by our programmers or Unity3D itself, but by some 3dparty plugin. We are dealing with it now.

Also, we almost finished coloring all the characters on the CGs, and we are ready to start drawing secondary characters’ sprites. There will be a lot of them – thanks to you!

All in all, nowadays is not the best period in life of some of our creators, so we are trying to stay positive and are hoping that things will get better. Answering the most important question: you shouldn’t expect the game this winter or even spring. No one wants to release an incomplete piece of bugs.

For some of you who liked Saya-chan in the new demo, here you go!