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Hello, everyone! Today’s the day we give you yet another regular status update, this time for the month of May. Although, judging by the weather here in Moscow, you would think it’s November.

To be blunt, there isn’t a lot of news we can tell you. The project has now entered the phase where the essential features have already been implemented or described in the development plan, all that’s left is to finish all the tasks on the roadmap. And while this phase is absolutely crucial to any project’s development, it’s not particularly exciting to talk about with the fans. We’re testing a new way of task allocation for the artists that should hopefully speed up the CG creation process. Our lead programmer has taken several advanced Unity courses, which should help him greatly with the game’s optimization, performance, and bug evasion first and foremost. Our composers have created several new vocal tracks for the later stages of the game. In short, the artists are drawing, the animators are animating, the programmers are programming, and the composers are composing.

We’re all hard at work on bringing you a genuinely beautiful and exciting game, one that we would have liked to read and play ourselves!

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