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Spring Breeze

Happy coming of spring, dear reader! This year we’ve had a particularly cold winter in Russia, so all of us have waited for warm weather with great anticipation! (Although the wait is not quite over yet, so we are hoping to share a bit of warmth with you in this post.)

While finalizing the game code, we have implemented distribution functionality on mobile platforms. We’ve been asked about that a few times – as you might (or might not) know, one can’t just insert a license key on Android or iOS like it is done on Steam and get a copy of a game. We aren’t going to dive too deeply into the details, but rest assured, everyone who made a preorder for mobile versions will get ‘Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll’ in the same manner PC master race specimen do.

In regards to the creative process, we have changed the ending of Kagome’s route to better align with the overall concept of the game and match the vision of the scriptwriter. In LMR, each route is not only focused on the respective girl but also develops the plot overall. It has been of utmost importance for us to make the story feel real and integral, because in the world of the novel, apart from the events happening with the protagonist, there are other developments that aren’t directly related to player choices.
Oftentimes, it is hard to keep track of four different stories, their interrelations and interactions, and we hope we have managed to do just that.

We usually deliberately avoid telling bad news in our posts, but this time will have to be an exception. Our artists are facing certain difficulties, which will lead to all the necessary elements being completed later than the beginning of April as we had intended before.

Other than that, we are doing our best to release the game as early as possible this year!

You can still support us by making a preorder and receive valuable bonuses, all the future DLCs and have your name in the credits.

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