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Technical matter


It’s been quite a while since the last post, and right now we would like to talk about the technical part of the future game. After all, you are already familiar with the story and, especially, the art. There is also a certain interesting (kind of) new thing that we would like to talk about today.
The engine we will be using is the well-known Unity3D, which will allow us to release the game on all major platforms at the same time, and will significantly increase the performance of mobile versions. As a result, you will be able to comfortably play on both desktop and mobile devices.

Presently the technical part of the game is in its pre-alpha stage, that is, in the early stage of development. The gameplay functions realized at the moment are:

• Graphic interface displaying and interaction.

• Gameplay logic (change of scenes, story forks, etc).

• Character sprites displaying.

• Effects and basic animations.

In the nearest months we plan to add:

• Sound accompaniment.

• Menu and its functionality (save/load, gallery, etc).

• Multi-language support.

After which the project will be transitioned to the alpha-testing stage. Now here we approach the interesting thing mentioned in the beginning of the post. Before the release of Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll, as a mean of the new technology’s trial run, we will release a new version of Everlasting Summer on Unity3D engine. It will allow to make the new game’s debugging easier and will increase the performance of Everlasting Summer on mobile platforms.

This has been a general overview about the situation with our game’s technical realization. You can leave any questions or suggestions in the comment section under this post or on the forums. We also hope for your help in the upcoming beta-test. Please follow us for further news.

In the meantime you may take a look at one of our support characters.

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