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Yellow And Red

Dear friends,

Another summer, which once again proved not to be everlasting, has passed. I hope that many of you have enjoyed it wholeheartedly, despite the fact that the pandemic has been showing no signs of decline. Autumn is here; the time, in which the events of LMR take place, and the time of the approaching release.

In regards to the progress, the script is being finalised, the art is being drawn, the animations are being produced, the code is being written. We can assure you that this summer turned out to be very fruitful for us. Meanwhile, our plans for releasing LMR in 2020 remain unchanged and indeed are putting extra pressure on us. After completing the plot, we will start combining all the parts and finessing the game, which is in itself a fascinating challenge.

As a final word for today, we would like to urge all of you not to be too sad about the summer passed. Yes, the time of rest and entertainment is over, but there are still many interesting things ahead! Stay tuned and wait for the news.

Please remember that you can still support us, while getting precious bonuses, including all the future DLC, and put your name in the credits here.

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