Ambers Falling

September’s update.

Have you ever considered how hard it would be to write a book, compose a song, or make a computer game? If not, think well before you do! Many musicians say they’ve grown to perceive music completely differently after starting to work on it professionally. The analysis of a work’s composition is akin to a vivisection. And even after you have cut up the entirety of it, studied its most minor details, even then you aren’t guaranteed to find and understand the delicate thing that made it so alive and exciting. This something is probably akin to a human soul and can never be measured, weighted, or subjected to MRI. But in the end, it means more than all the other components of a project together. It takes more space in the players’ hearts than all the 4k images. It rings louder than the decibels of the dozens of vibrant tracks. It is more expressive than the thousands of words of a highbrow script. To find and include it in the end work — that is the real goal of a true creator!

Getting back to reality, we’d like to say that nothing especially noteworthy has happened since the previous blog post. To speak the language of dry facts:

  • The third week is now being put into text (the second one was finished in less than a month);
  • Several CGs and sprites have been drawn;
  • There is a significant process in the game’s optimization for mobile devices;
  • The main menu now changes according to the time of day (you may remember Everlasting Summer having a similar feature).

The new demo has not been built yet due to a couple technical setbacks.

However, while some members of the team are occupied with the main work on the game — the text, sounds, and graphics — the others have the time for something interesting. And right now we’re glad to present to you an animated CG! You have to agree, Himitsu looks much livelier now! In the game’s final version, you’ll be able to see even more animated illustrations! This does not mean that we’re going to animate all the CGs, mind you. We’re mindful of our abilities and resources and are taking care not to increase the development time even more. At the moment, we only plan to animate about a dozen or so key illustrations.

Additionally, at the end of the month, we will visit #IGROMIR! Please look forward to our report and photos from there!