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And yet another post

Good day, dear readers!

Spring weather has finally blessed us with its appearance, and with it has come the time for out new blog post!

For starters, about the general situation on our front: the music is being written, the art is being drawn, the code is making amazing progress. The first alpha of the game has been built, tested, and the results were very much positive. By our estimations, at the beginning-to-middle of this summer, we should be able to present to you a full-fledged demo-version containing the first two or three game days.

Additionally, we would like to talk about a thing very important for any game – the GUI. Its condition in the promo-video might have been quite rudimentary (oh who are we trying to fool, there wasn’t really any GUI to speak of), but now we are glad to show you an example of the menu in “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll”!

We are very interested in your opinion – please, do not hesitate to leave comments below this post.

And stay tuned, dear readers! We have lots of other exciting and interesting things to show you and news to tell you, and will make sure to do just that very soon™!

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