April’s no fool | Soviet Games

April’s no fool

Good day, everyone! Welcome to yet another monthly update!

At this point, we don’t think we’ll surprise you by saying we’ve got no significant news to share. The reasons for this have been explained plenty of times before, and they haven’t changed. The production is progressing, we are gradually finishing the assets and improving the code.

That said, even with the things as they are now, we hope to have something important to share with you in the relatively near future, probably in one or, at most, two months. Expect more concrete and detailed information on the state of the development and, who knows, perhaps even a release date!

Also, there is one thing we decided on after the release of the latest demo version: we’re going to have a much longer, in-depth QA period for the full version of the game to ensure that our players have the best experience possible. It won’t be easy considering the hardware availability on our side, but we’re taking steps to alleviate this problem.

In any case, a huge thank you for tuning in and your patience! We would have never gotten where we have without it. Until next time!