Dear friends,

The reason for today’s post is not as bright as we would like it to be, but we still need to announce it. As some of you have already guessed, we are going to move the release date once again, and «Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll» will not be available on March, 1. We would like to (actually, not) say that there are circumstances of force majeure to blame for this (as it happened before). However, this time it is about having too few people for a terrific amount of work. Of course, such issues are to be resolved with careful planning, but, apparently, at a certain stage, we lacked some knowledge and experience. Currently, we are trying to get more artists in the team, but as for scenario, it is already at the stage when adding an extra person would rather sabotage the process than help it.

Nevertheless, we also have some excellent news for you! The 250.000 words of scenario have already been written, more than 140 CGs (some of them with multiple variations) have been drawn, and two additional Z FEEL-Z tracks are currently in production. Back in the time, we had a lot of difficulties with Everlasting Summer, too, but we hope that the result was worth it. As for LMR, we are confident about the quality of our work and the game in general! Time passes by, and all the bad things fade away with it – genuine, positive emotions are the ones that count, and we are sure that our game will give you a good vibe.

We would also like to show a new animated background and a brand new track.

Concerning the new release date – we can only say that it will come as early as possible in 2019! Stay tuned, and we shall deliver the good news soon!

You can still support us by making a preorder~!