Big Floppa

Dear friends!

The last day of September bids us farewell with its crimson rays of sunlight, which means the time has come for yet another progress update.
Every game comes a long way from its conception to release. And even in the latest stages of development, different beta versions may be quite different from each other. Even the very term “playable” doesn’t make the product ready to be shown to a wider audience.

What we want to say is that our game is already playable, but we still need some time to polish and get it to shape. Objectively, there are some areas that can be left as-is, and others that can’t. Believe us when we say we’re not nitpicking or trying to fix what’s not broken!

What still needs work: background ambiences, small heroine sprite adjustments, direction, translation, some residual code issues. We promised to bring you good news this Autumn, and we’ll absolutely do just that! After all, the season has only just begun.

For now, you can still support us and see your name in the credits, receive valuable bonuses, and all future DLCs.