Privacy Policy

Dear friends,

We are a little bit off schedule with our update, sorry for that!

For the last two weeks, we have been busy handling the issues with the confidentiality policy of Google Play as well as the Unity modules that led to the demo version of LMR being temporarily unavailable.

Apart from that, we keep working on the game itself. So far we have fixed the issue with Nikolai’s inconsistent hair colour on different CGs and improved the quality of sprites. That had required using external resources but has not affected the overall speed of game development. As for the script, Ellie and Kagome’s routes have already been started. Also, we have optimised the game a bit, so that the size of the release version for Android would not scare you much.

Although this summer is not as hot as it was expected in Russia, your active support has been keeping our hearts warm! Every kind word and action of yours remind us that, although there has been a lot of challenges, you all have been waiting patiently to play the game. We are very grateful for that knowledge.

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