A long road

Every creative product starts with an idea, a concept. The idea for “Love, Money. Rock’n’Roll”, together with the synopsis of its first in-game week, was born one chilly November evening of 2012.

It was initially conceived as a classic Japanese-like visual novel with the story focusing on the hard life of regular school kids. But with the passing of time, the future game was getting overgrown with plot peripeteias; the character personalities were taking shape, the in-story intrigues and conflicts forming. But the making of the complete product is always longer and harder. Every genre has its own hidden pitfalls, but they are not as obvious in “Realism” as, say, in Fantasy.

The weak points of such stories are usually obvious: stereotypical personalities, bad characterization, lack of back story, and just plainly illogical events. But it’s not often easy to understand (and, what’s most important, apply in practice) how to create something worthwhile. With time, it’s as if the heroines start living a life of their own — one complicated, full of colorful events, joys, and disappointments. It’s not always easy to keep track of even a single real human being, and writing a biography of several characters with inherently exaggerated traits is… Not to mention drawing the art and composing the music — can’t forget about that!

The main challenge for LMRnR’s writer was probably the need to combine these contradicting characters in a single consistent story and handle the shared amount of text needed for this. As Stephen King has said, any book has already been written. The author’s task is but to dig it out, like a dinosaur’s skeleton. Sometimes you have to dig out a tyrannosaurus and then arrange its bones so that something believable would end up appearing.

In any case, I guarantee that no metaphor can fully convey the amount of work that has been done (and how much there is still left to do) while creating LMRnR. Your support is very important for us — you can’t even imagine how important it is for us to visit the blog or a social network and see your kind words there!

The development of different parts of the game is progressing with different speed. In some areas, the essential work has almost been completed, while in others there is still much left to do.

Today we would also like to show you some new content! Stay tuned and keep an eye for more updates!

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