Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

The year 2016 has come to an end! It hasn’t been the easiest both for the world in general and for our country in particular — you know as much. But this is not a blog about politics, so let’s focus on the positives! We can’t say that there have been any significant events shaking the Everlasting Summer community in the past year; however, this autumn we have finally released the demo version of our new game — “Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll”! Not to mention, with your help, we have successfully finished the Kickstarter campaign for it!

The New Year is the time to make plans for the future. In 2017, we hope to bring you joy with the release of LMRnR, but we’re not forgetting about “Everlasting Summer” either. We have finished porting the game to Unity3D, which means that updated versions will be available for Andriod, iOS, and also Windows Phone in the near future! In general, it promises much-improved performance and stability. Of course, the first question all of you are going to ask is “when?” Even though the main chunk of work is already finished, there is also the stage of catching bugs ahead, so… it’ll be ready soon! 🌝

This year has been particularly hard for the team in general and for me personally in the sense of transitioning from amateur gamedev to something able to bring profits, something that would allow to make it one’s full-time occupation and profession. A lot of mistakes has been made, but a great deal of experiences has also been received — this experience is, among other things, what allows us to move forward. A long path is always full of hidden reefs and air holes, but when you are surrounded by comrades, marching to the destination becomes so much simpler! Walk and ye shall reach!

Happy New Year, friends!