Don’t Cry

Good day, dear friends! With the current events unfolding in our country and the world, today we’d like to limit ourselves to listing everything we’ve done in the past month and our plans for the nearest future.

1. A lot of work has been done on script direction, including scene transitions and custom positions for sprites. I’d like to clarify that this is additional work tied to improving the experience — the main part is long finished.
2. Added new sprite emotions for particular situations.
3. Added new sprite animations (nods, steps, etc.) for particular situations.
4. New functionality added for playing animations at particular points as the text appears on the screen, which allows us to make the sprites react more dynamically to what’s happening instead of being limited to a single standard change of emotion.
5. Optimisation done for small screen resolutions, antialiasing implemented without any loss of performance.
6. The sprite display system has been improved to ensure a lower chance of bugs in the future.
7. Early bets-testing has been started, first feedback received from people outside of the actual game developers. Opening beta-testing to the people who have preordered the game (meaning the “Beta tester” tier) is planned a bit later, after the first testers catch the critical bugs — if any.
8. Two new backgrounds added, animations added to several more.
9. Three new animated CGs added.
10. Easter eggs added. You’ll have to find them yourselves!
11. Translation system has been completed (English translation is ready).
12. An enormous amount of small optimisations, additions, and bug fixes have been made, impossible to list all of them here.

The release date is still set to 2nd of June — no changes here. Initially, we were planning to bring you some good and even unexpected news today, but it so happens that we’ll have to postpone them to Match. We really hope that by then the situation stabilizes.

We understand that computer games aren’t a priority at the moment, but we’re still doing our best to deliver a truly quality product for all of you! You can still support us, see your name in the credits, and receive all future DLCs.

Be kind to yourselves and other people of planet Earth, don’t make Catherine cry!