Spring Drops

Dear friends! Today we’d like to present to you a report on the work done in the past month:

1. Finished 85% of additional script direction (up to 50% since the last blog post).
2. Optimized the amount of RAM the game uses doing fast-forward.
3. Added a minor variation for one of the backgrounds. You’ll have to see which one in-game!
4. Finished two more animated CGs.
5. Slightly adjusted in terms of appearance, as well as optimized technically, the main interface (textboxes).
6. Significantly reduced game size on Android.
7. Remade the footnote system — it should now be much more convenient and easy to use, with a clear indication as to which word(s) a footnote is for.
8. Added and placed new sounds — about 100 effects such as wind noise, shutting doors, buzzes, gunshots, strums of guitar strings, etc.
9. Made a gallery for replaying the songs heard in-game, viewing seen backgrounds and CGs. Also added an interface for viewing their variations (such as CGs with various emotions). Creating the gallery took more time than we anticipated.
10. Added more character animations for specific situations, improved some models’ technical capabilities for animation.

We also made even more small adjustments, bug fixes, changes than last month, and it would be impossible to mention all of them here.

Speaking about what we have left to do in terms of the game’s main functionality, that would be: keeping track of seen text (for skipping only it and not all text) and auto-forward. We also have a weighty backlog of tasks that mostly consists of bugs and small features. Most of them aren’t that significant — we doubt most players will even notice them — but some are more apparent, such as a better outline for character names.

Despite the difficult situation in the country and the world, at the moment the release date remains the same: 2nd of June 2022.

You can still support us, see your name in the credits, as well as receive valuable bonuses and DLCs.