Name in the Credits

Dear friends! As most of you already know, recently we have started sending out emails asking our backers for their desired names in the credits. If you are a backer and haven’t received an email from us, please:
1) Check your spam folder.
2) Search your emails for “[email protected]” sender.
3) Check your blocklist in case [email protected] ended up in there.

Even if you have lost access to the email address you’ve made the preorder from, in most cases the issue can be resolved. If doing everything of the above hasn’t achieved any result, please drop us a message to our VK group messages or an email to the aforementioned address.

Important notices:
1) We have received quite a few preorders and errors are statistically possible (and even likely), but every single one of our backers is accounted for!
2) So far, we have sent emails to the backers who made a preorder before April 11th 2022. Everyone who has and will make a preorder after this date will still get every bonus we have promised, but the emails will arrive later.
3) Later on, we will be sending out another wave of emails, this time asking for your preferred platform. We’d like to stress that it is critically important that you receive an email from this wave — otherwise, you may be left without a key.
4) We don’t have a dedicated IT department and support service, so please be patient if we can’t reply to you right away.